New Workforce Hawaii Membership Co-Founders

Bill Sager, Carleen Mackay, Phyllis Horner and Rob Kinslow, the New Workforce Hawaii Co-Founders.

We’re the New Hawaii Workforce Wingmen and Wing-women!  Our mission is twofold – first, to raise your consciousness now, that the workforce has changed forever.  And second, to support you in changes you will encounter, through valuable coaching and advising to individuals and groups who seek to explore their future work choices.

We create Playbooks of stories from real people who inspire us by having succeeded in turning their worklife into their “company”. We also offer live and virtual workshops and workbooks that empower workers of every generation by educating them on emergent workforce trends and opportunities. We are dedicated to providing our Hawaiian workforce with knowledge and tools they will need to remain relevant, competitive, and successful in the workplace of tomorrow.

Contact your Workforce Wingmen today, buckle your seat belt and get ready for your career to soar!!!

Bill Sager

Carleen Mackay

Phyllis Horner

Rob Kinslow