Work is changing

When we plan our careers the big question is what will happen to the workforce in the next 10 years? All we can be sure of is the way we work is changing rapidly. Most of that change will be driven be buyer behavior rather than technology.

Advertising is a 500 billion dollar industry. Internet advertising is hammering the print media. Newspapers and magazines will have to change their business model to adapt to digital. Freelancers have a tremendous opportunity to help local businesses leverage the internet. Small business entrepreneurs can leverage the internet to reach a global market.

The retail industry is facing major change as consumers shift their purchasing online. I used to enjoy browsing the bookshelves at Borders. I would ask for a book and would be told they could order it for me. I would go home and order the book from Amazon at half the price. Borders had no idea what was happening to them until they went bankrupt. The same thing is happening to Sears, Macyʻs, and other big department store chains.

Opportunity for freelancers and entrepreneurs

Blogging like a proThe inevitable change in how we buy things will put millions of people out of work, but it will provide freelancers opportunity to provide written content, photos and video to local small business. Larger businesses will be looking for people who can help them implement their online marketing. As a freelancer, you will need to know how to write for the internet, and how to create photos and video appropriate internet marketing.

Affiliate Marketing: Most companies, from Amazon to Walgreens, offer affiliate programs. An entrepreneur who is interested in guitars can Google “affiliate+guitar” and find hundreds of companies that will pay a commission to sell their products. All you need is a squeeze page to promote a specific product and the ability to market your page on the internet.

Video for the Web: Cable TV will face competition from video streamed from the internet. Anyone can now produce video using inexpensive equipment. You can produce documentaries, infomercials and even music videos and feature films without having access to multi-million dollar studios.

Virtual reality offers the ability to not only create amazing films but online marketers can use it to demo their products or take a tour through that house that is for sale. Another opportunity of for the entrepreneur.

We are in a gig economy. You will be hired to complete a project. When the project is done, you will be laid off till you can find another project. Everyone should have a diversified income they can fall back on. Internet marketing provides the average person the opportunity to develop an unlimited income. You can do it working a few hours per week. All you need is a computer, and internet connection, and a wingman who can help you guide you to success.