Take a moment to explore inspirational real life stories by people who found new and different ways to work. As pioneers into the new world of work, we were our first success stories. We accepted the mission of taking our careers off autopilot and setting a course for career success. Our value as career experts goes far beyond the knowledge we posses and the tools we have mastered. We not only facilitate the new workforce, like you, we are members of the new workforce.  Learn from our experiences and the experiences of those we have helped.

The Futurist

Carleen MackayA story of Meeting the Needs of a changing market place

Situation: Widowed and achingly lonely, living frugally but comfortably, our Player was looking to remain relevant in the business world while earning just enough for an extra treat or two. A pension-less private sector expert, our Player once worked in career and talent management.

Goals: As time ticked ceaselessly forward and the world of work changed, she became increasingly interested in the emergent workforce and, in particular, the plight of the people who would soon face disaster on many fronts if they could not continue to work, in some capacity, throughout their longer lifetimes. She also wanted to remain relevant in the world of work and to find new social outlets. Optimally, she hoped to become regarded as one of a few experts in the changing workplace and workforce in order to receive modest stipends, enjoy the opportunity to travel, stand on a few large stages and “hang-around” with like-minded experts.

Actions: She researched demographic change and studied the growing practice of outsourcing and offshoring by U.S. organizations. She followed the trends of a broad range of developing and changing technologies and looked at the impact of their disruptive change* on the 21st century world-of-jobs. She studied which organizations were growing and which were not. She interviewed organization’s leaders; people like Carl Camden, CEO of Kelly Services, one of the fastest growing organizations in the United States. She wrote, or co-wrote, book after book on the subject of work and stood on every stage to which she was invited. She joined like-minded organizations, such as the Boomers Special Interest Group, the Life Planning Network, the San Diego Mature Workers Coalition, Rotary International and the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program at Chaminade University in Honolulu. She did these things, and more, for years! It was only when the full-time employment market bottomed out – and stayed flat – that most people began to listen to what she had been saying all that time. But here we are, as the saying goes, together again for the first time.

Consequences: People are beginning to see the structural disconnection between work in the 20th and 21st centuries. There are more stages to stand on and share information today than yesterday and there are more opportunities to help people in this new time of life. There are more friends and colleagues in like-minded pursuit of the future. Today, she is partnering with experts in the Millennial generation to continue to encourage them to direct their careers to work that the market wants and needs.

Lessons Learned – Lessons Shared: Yes, this is Carleen MacKay’s story. She advises you to hear the voice of America’s future and to “get ready for more change.” There is opportunity within every threat. Listen. The market is talking to you. It is these market-driven lessons that have resulted in the design and development of a series of Playbooks, the underlying concepts of which are intended to help people work at this new time. As you might have read in our About Us section, this is just one of several FREE Playbooks written for the multi-generational workforce.
Connect with Carleen: If you want to know more about how change affects your choices, write to her at carleenmackayhi@gmail.com. But, first – Google her and take a look at her profile on LinkedIn; you’ll be glad you did!

The Scout

Rob KinslowA Story of a Scout for the Future

This Scout-brother was born the eldest of 11 children on a small organic farm. As a youth, embedded in Nature and her connections, he flourished and fumbled. Buoyed by twin influences of archaeology and rocketry, he was mesmerized by history, human development and future of technology. Reading books at 3-yo he learned of the broader perspectives there presented.

As the leading edge of intellectual expansion in his family, scout-learner won grants for community college and worked 3 jobs through to become an aerospace systems engineer. Subsequently as team leader, and with a collaborative curious, friendly, innovative focus, Engineer-Scout designed, proposed, won and managed multi-year multi-million projects for the military industry, whilst also listening to and serving Nature.

Lying in wetlands, staring at the stars, one night, the voices of Endangered-Nature came flowing through him reminding him of youth connections. Soon afterwards, the Scout-Environmentalist founded a land trust, partnered in a strategic nationwide coalition, helped write a proposal to create a conservation easement, which subsequently led to a $20M state bond purchasing 640 acres, on which Stephen Spielberg wanted to build his DreamWorks Studio.

Witnessing the transition of a younger brother, scout-seeker was invited to get out of the background and into the foreground. Selected as an emerging leader in consciousness, climate change, energy and sustainable development, scout-servant-leader speaks with a voice for the voiceless children of the future. Returning to the tribe, scout-seeker speaks succinctly. “We are more than we think we are, our potential for development and improvement is unlimited. We have the technology of empathy and the power of compassion, coupled with choice and focus. With these, we can lead others to a Life-centered collective governing co-creating a future for the highest good of all Life.”

Situation: Increasing in learning and influence, and yet a total financial loss of resources, the Scout, dragging his physical self through the coals of financial deceit, fraud, and buoyed by faith, ethics, visionary discovery, came upon an oasis of good juju. A kind invitation was issued and a new trajectory began to emerge.


Lessons Learned – Lessons Shared: Yes, this is Rob Kinslow’s story. He invites your highest self to participate in co-creating the future. WE are more than we think we are. Riseup, awaken, for there is much to be created.

He advises you to hear the voice of America’s future and to “get ready for more change.” There is opportunity within every threat. Listen. The market is talking to you. It is these market-driven lessons that have resulted in the design and development of a series of Playbooks, the underlying concepts of which are intended to help people work at this new time. As you might have read in our About Us section, this is just one of several FREE Playbooks written for the multi-generational human.

Connect with Roberto: If you want to experience a high wide and deep example of human development and positive change possibility, reach out via email to rob@robertkinslow.com  Or, contact him through LinkedIN.

The Explorer

FabianLewisA story about matching the needs of the marketplace with personal needs

Situation: A young soldier is reaching the end of his term of services. He asks himself the vital question of what do I do now? A successful career as an Army radiologic technologist gave him experience in healthcare, management, training and leadership. He had achieved much success but wanted to truly fulfill the old Army slogan of “Be all that you can be”!!!

Goals: He searched deep within himself and decided to pursue his childhood dream of being a successful entrepreneur. To achieve this he would need to further develop his skills by attending business school so that he could trade in his combat boots for business suites. The veteran applied his strong military work ethic to business school. He made it his mission to adapt, learn and excel in both the understanding of business concepts and its application.

Action: Unsure of what type of business he wanted to create, he accepted the mission of finding his path by exploring entrepreneurial programs, leadership programs, volunteering and supplementing his education through reading and learning as much as he could. However, as he progressed through business school and increased his knowledge of various aspects of business he continued to see a growing trend. New tools and technologies were being developed at such a rapid rate the many degrees, careers and business opportunities would be obsolete in 10-20 years. He realized that to remain relevant workers would not only have to adapt, they would have to innovate. This realization helped him see that creating a sustainable career or business would require a close look at what the future looks like not the present or the past.

As an aspiring entrepreneur the ever evolving workplace fascinated him. He researched the disruptive changes that would affect the emerging workforce and studied the obstacle and opportunities that these changes create. He explored the trends that could affect employees currently in the workforce, graduates entering the workforce and individuals attempting to re-enter the workforce. As a member of the Hogan Entrepreneurs, Hawaii Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals, Rotary International and the Pacesetters fellowship program he networked, learn from and worked with professionals in various industries and various stages of their profession. This exploration and research allowed him to see a growing need in the market and the value that he could provide to others.

As an avid traveler and explorer, he lived in 3 countries and traveled to over 32. His experience living and working internationally allowed him to observe workforce trends around world. In addition, his experience as a military child and activity duty soldier shaped him into a highly adaptable person with a unique perspective. His life experience and passion for exploration, research, strategies and professional development fueled his fascination with the future of work. As he developed his expertise on the trends, opportunities and obstacles of the emergent workforce he realized that there was in fact a match between the future needs of the market and his personal need to explore his passion.  

Consequences: Although rapid change in the workplace and business environment could be seen as an obstacle, he saw it as an opportunity. Technology, tools and processes will eventually become obsolete as we boldly charge into the future of business. In a very short time employees will become freelancers and employers will become clients. Employees will need to run their career as a business not as a job. This need was a growing trend and where there is a growing need there is an opportunity. Today he is a member of the Workforce Wingmen, an intergenerational group of workforce specialists on a mission to inspire and instruct workers on how they can follow their passion, if the market needs it.

Lessons Learned- Lessons Shared: This is the story of Fabian Lewis; Explorer, Solo-preneur/entrepreneur and emergent workforce specialist. His advice is to look to the future. The workplace of the past will not be the same as the workplace of the near future. As technology evolves and information is shared faster, you will need to evolve quickly simply to keep your job. Career progression will require more than just hard work, it will require foresight. Foresight is the ability to see opportunities before it is in front of your eyes. Learn about the emerging workforce and what this means for you before your job become obsolete. Ask yourself, is there really a place for your job 10-20 years from now? Is your job truly secure? The rapidly changing workforce is both an obstacle and an opportunity. You may not be able to find a job that looks like what you had in the past but you can have an amazing career if you look towards the future! Read about us in the About US section and explore some of our FREE play books written for the multigenerational workforce. Read these play books to discover new trends and opportunities that will affect the future of your work. Take valuable advice from an lifelong traveler, explore your options!

Connect with Fabian: If you are interested in learning more about how change will affect YOU and YOUR career contact him at fabian.lewis.hawaii@gmail.com.