Did you know…that the future of work is HERE and NOW?
The world is saying no to many traditional jobs these days. Take a look at the truth


  • No political party can promise you a job. They can only attempt to create platforms that will encourage business success, thus (presumably) encouraging hiring.
  • No private sector organization will hire you full-time if you are not needed full-time.


  • No public sector organization or institution can afford to ignore their enormous pension debts by continuing to hire as they have in the past.
  • No large company is any safer than any smaller company in terms of providing job security. The Fortune’s 100 companies (the largest employers) have had more than double the number of layoffs than non-Fortune’s 100 Companies.
  • No, invention is not a birthright. New technologies have created thousands of new jobs while causing the loss of thousands as well.


  • No end is in sight for the economic unrest that the world is facing. Economic unrest works for and against “jobs” in this country as elsewhere.
  • No, we cannot sustain ourselves economically if pension-less workers do not continue to work, in some capacity, later in life.


  • No, we cannot afford to overlook the aging of America. There are millions of Americans age 65 and older. Put this in perspective; in the United States there are more people 65 and older than in each of the entire Canadian and Australian populations. This demographic will double by 2030.
  • No, the U.S. workforce is no longer competitive in the high-demand areas of mathematics and the sciences. Our children are fragmented into the haves and have-nots; our boomers are underprepared for new challenges and longer lifetimes.


What are you willing to do to win your war for your future? Will you find new ways to work? Can you see opportunities embedded within the many threats? Will you dare to do something different than experience dictates?

Join us now, fasten your seatbelt and summon your reserve of courage for there are many, and often better, ways to work beyond the old world of the familiar. Let us tell you the stories of the pioneers of the future who have turned today’s threats into today’s opportunities! Visit us at Newworkforcehawaii.com and explore stories of inspriation written just for YOU!!.