Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the New World of Work

All one-hour presentations are:

  • Facilitated by one, or more, members of our core team.
  • Customizable and may be lengthened or shortened to meet participants’ needs.
  • Suitable for audiences of (almost) any size.
  • Dedicated to purposefully introducing various aspects of the new world of work.
  • Designed to inspire as well as to suggest tangible ideas and actions.

At first glance, this presentation just seems like an hour of fun. Well, of course, it is fun! More importantly, it is designed to help people to begin to prepare for even more changes than many dared to imagine. This presentation is of particular interest to colleges and community groups such as Rotary, The “Y” and Lions’ clubs

Designed for any/all organizations’ leaders who seek to understand the challenges and advantages of working with all generations. Together, we explore how the generations are both alike and different. We address the needs of the workplace as well as the needs of the workforce and make the case that it will take all of us, working together, to safeguard the future.


Remember Alice in Wonderland? Well, for many people the opportunity to look beyond the familiar world of “jobs,” as work was once defined, is as confusing as her trip through the rabbit hole. Join us as we explore the benefits of working in many new ways…as a freelancer, virtual worker, portfolio juggler, or? Designed for delivery to organizations or any/all groups of interested individuals.

The Theatrics of Interviewing: This presentation explores the “art” of the interview by comparing the interview to a 3-Act play. It is both fun and purposeful for all stages of careers, from college through maturity. Participants will learn that successful interviewing is both a skill and an art!

Your Career is YOUR Business – NOT your job. This interactive presentation overviews and explains the strategy we use in working one-on-one with clients who seek to learn to run their careers effectively in this new time. It is suitable for organizations who may wish to consider providing the recommended individual follow-on work under the umbrella of their educational programs. It introduces individuals, especially those nearing the 50,000-mile checkup point in their mid-careers, to the benefits of investing in the follow-on process to safeguard and plan for their futures when the “job” they once held may not be available to them. Educational institutions may choose to support the follow-on services to help their students plan and receive a return-in-investment of the high college costs most have incurred.

The Mature Workforce – Your Competitive Advantage. Did you know that people 50 and older are the world’s fastest growing demographic? Did you know that 1 in 3 workers is 50 or older right now, today? Think about it. If they can’t work, they can’t earn and we won’t be able to afford the bill. We will show organizations’ leaders some of the ways to take advantage of the benefits of maturity, add to their firm’s success and encourage mature workers to ensure their own sustainability for their ever-longer lifetimes.

Tomorrow’s Workplace and Workforce Today. Ask yourself, what is trending now in the new age of hyper-shift? For example, what do you know about our increased reliance upon technology and automation; about collaborative work opportunities across town and across the world; about the benefits of engaging freelancers; about creating goal-centric versus report-card driven performance reviews; about developing targeted educational assistance programs for all generations as well as increasing the use of social media to achieve recruiting goals? The presentation is targeted to organizations’ leaders.

Come, learn about assessing today’s hottest (and not so hot) industries; today’s hottest (and not so hot) careers; technologies that impact our work and lives; top skills (and obsolete skills) and more… Participants will be introduced to the power of Alumni Groups, Social Networking Groups, Blogs, Podcasts and Webcasts. In particular, the power of LinkedIn will be featured, a tool that will eventually replace that old chronological resume we keep hanging onto. The presentation is geared toward multiple interest groups.

Don’t see what interests you or need more information? Ask us. We’ll target your needs!

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