Your New Hawaii Workforce

A story of Meeting the Needs of a changing market place

Carleen Mackay

Carleen Mackay

Situation: Widowed and achingly lonely, living frugally but comfortably, our Player was looking to remain relevant in the business world while earning just enough for an extra treat or two. A pension-less private sector expert, our Player once worked in career and talent management.

Goals: As time ticked ceaselessly forward and the world of work changed, she became increasingly interested in the emergent workforce and, in particular, the plight of the people who would soon face disaster on many fronts if they could not continue to work, in some capacity, throughout their longer lifetimes. She also wanted to remain relevant in the world of work and to find new social outlets. Optimally, she hoped to become regarded as one of a few experts in the changing workplace and workforce in order to receive modest stipends, enjoy the opportunity to travel, stand on a few large stages and “hang-around” with like-minded experts.

Actions: She researched demographic change and studied the growing practice of outsourcing and offshoring by U.S. organizations. She followed the trends of a broad range of developing and changing technologies and looked at the impact of their disruptive change* on the 21st century world-of-jobs. She studied which organizations were growing and which were not. She interviewed organization’s leaders; people like Carl Camden, CEO of Kelly Services, one of the fastest growing organizations in the United States. She wrote, or co-wrote, book after book on the subject of work and stood on every stage to which she was invited. She joined like-minded organizations, such as the Boomers Special Interest Group, the Life Planning Network, the San Diego Mature Workers Coalition, Rotary International and the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program at Chaminade University in Honolulu. She did these things, and more, for years! It was only when the full-time employment market bottomed out – and stayed flat – that most people began to listen to what she had been saying all that time. But here we are, as the saying goes, together again for the first time.

Consequences: People are beginning to see the structural disconnection between work in the 20th and 21st centuries. There are more stages to stand on and share information today than yesterday and there are more opportunities to help people in this new time of life. There are more friends and colleagues in like-minded pursuit of the future. Today, she is partnering with experts in the Millennial generation to continue to encourage them to direct their careers to work that the market wants and needs.

Lessons Learned – Lessons Shared: Yes, this is Carleen MacKay’s story. She advises you to hear the voice of America’s future and to “get ready for more change.” There is opportunity within every threat. Listen. The market is talking to you. It is these market-driven lessons that have resulted in the design and development of a series of Playbooks, the underlying concepts of which are intended to help people work at this new time. As you might have read in our About Us section, this is just one of several FREE Playbooks written for the multi-generational workforce.
Connect with Carleen: If you want to know more about how change affects your choices, write to her at But, first – Google her and take a look at her profile on LinkedIn; you’ll be glad you did!